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  • 20 Jul 2016 11:21 AM
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  • 05 Sep 2016 9:39 AM
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    Deleted user

    The steering wheel retaining bolt on my 26 Rover is missing - responses from two other owners of the model indicate its 27/32x18 tpi .

    Anybody have any idea where I might find one please? No signs anywhere on the web despite much searching. Not even tap or die visible.



  • 06 Sep 2016 8:51 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    John, Just about anybody with a lathe would be able to make such a nut. Either an old imperial lathe or one equipped with a 127 tooth gear in the headstock. Ring me and I can give you the number of a guy in Panton Hill who can do it in his sleep. 9844 5432. Arnold

  • 06 Sep 2016 7:56 PM
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    Suggest it may be 5/8 18tpi thread with nut 27/32 high. 

    Either way it wld be best to put a vernier or micrometer on the male thread as a real starting point on shaft diameter.

    Or try sending query to:

  • 07 Sep 2016 7:54 AM
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    Deleted user

    Another with this bolt has measured the OD at 27/32. There is an attempt in the post now as a result of posting on another forum, so we will see when it arrives.



  • 07 Sep 2016 1:07 PM
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    Deleted user

    I posted the same request on another forum I belong to (ozclubbies, as I have a kit built clubman), and within 24hrs somebody had turned up a threaded rod for me. Received in the mail today , its a perfect fit. Problem solved.

    Thanks all who commented.


  • 08 Sep 2016 9:07 AM
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    It's good that you finally rec'd your "rod" at the size you now wanted, I assume that you no longer want the "bolt that I made you, two weeks ago (7/8  18 tpi )

     kind regards Val.

  • 10 Sep 2016 11:53 AM
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    Deleted user


    As I said in a direct email, my guess at 7/8x18 was wrong, so afraid I cant use your go at it. Sorry about that.


  • 20 Nov 2016 8:43 PM
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    Hi All,

    My father has a 1920's Sizaire Freres which pistons have "delaminated" (split in two vertically)... and I was wondering if anybody in the club could help with finding either of these:

    Pistons: 76mm bore or larger (3" will do), 63.5 mm compression height, 26mm gudgeon pin (clamped). basically anything that can machined to fit the existing rods.

    Owner of a similar 1924 Sizaire Freres car that has reportedly come down to Melbourne (from Sydney), that has apparently been rebuilt using "Packard" pistons. 

    FYI JP pistons in Adelaide have been contacted, but can't fabricate new ones.



  • 21 Nov 2016 9:43 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Clearly this engine is going to need some work - likely even a rebore. I suggest that the workshop to which you take it will be able to find a suitable piston. I further suggest Bill Eldridge (9798 8636)) would be a good person to speak  to.

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